How does Young Frankenstein end?

Everything gets a little scrambled at the end of Young Frankenstein, especially brains. In order for the Doctor to right the wrongs, he has to put a little bit of himself into the monster. So he rigs up a transfer device in the lab, and hooks himself up to it along with the monster.Click to see full answer. Then, how does the movie Frankenstein end?At the end of Frankenstein Victor Frankenstein dies wishing that he could destroy the Monster he created. The Monster visits Frankenstein’s body. While Frankenstein dies feeling disturbed that the Monster is still alive, the Monster is reconciled to death: so much so that he intends to commit suicide.Beside above, is Young Frankenstein in color? Brooks and Wilder were going for a satire of the 1931 movie Frankenstein directed by James Whale. As a result, they wanted to film it in black and white. Brooks says that if they had made the movie in color, they would have to make the monster green. Also to know is, how long is Young Frankenstein? 1h 46m Who played the cop in Young Frankenstein? Cast (in credits order) verified as complete Gene Wilder Dr. Frederick Frankenstein Marty Feldman Igor Madeline Kahn Elizabeth Cloris Leachman Frau Blücher Teri Garr Inga

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