How high does beadboard go?

The standard height of a beadboard panel is 8 feet, the same height as the average non-vaulted ceiling in a home. If you are installing beadboard as wainscot, you can cut 8-foot beadboard panels into thirds making each piece 32 inches in height.Click to see full answer. Also, how high up does wainscoting go?The traditional rule of thumb is that wainscoting height should be a third of the wall’s height, including the cap or any moldings. So if you have 9-foot walls, then 3-foot (or 36-inch) wainscoting will look great. Scale down to about 32 inches for rooms with 8-foot walls.Also Know, how do you measure for beadboard? Select the look of your beadboard according to the width of the flat areas between the grooves. Beading typically comes in 1 1/2- and 3-inch widths. The former generally works best for smaller spaces or walls, while the latter suits larger surfaces or spacious rooms. Also know, does beadboard go on top of baseboard? The beadboard panels rest on top of the baseboard, and the pieces fit together snugly using the tongue-and-groove edges. Continue installing panels along the length of the baseboard.What is best height for chair rail with 9 ceilings?off the floor. In fact, in rooms with 9-ft. to 10-ft. ceilings, this height is actually most appropriate for chair rail, and best falls within the rules of classical architecture (see photo, right).

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