How Is A Rose for Emily an expiation?

Expiation refers to the act of making reparation for some injury or offense, a kind of atonement. Therefore, if you offended someone, for example, you might offer them an apology by way of expiation. Miss Emily Grierson is wounded by her father’s pride and his feelings that no one could be good enough for her.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what is the meaning of the rose in A Rose for Emily?She lives a life of loneliness, left only to dream of the love missing from her life. The rose from the title symbolizes this absent love. It symbolizes the roses and flowers that Emily never received, the lovers that overlooked her. In his own way, Emily’s father shows her how to love.One may also ask, what are the literary elements in A Rose for Emily? Literary Elements- “A Rose for Emily” The vile smell permeating from Miss Grierson’s house builds even more suspense and evokes feelings of wonder, horror, and even fright. Also, how is symbolism used in A Rose for Emily? The Rose. The story never manifests an actual rose for Emily. However, the title itself is symbolic. The rose represents the idea of love since young lovers often give each other roses to express their affections.How is foreshadowing used in A Rose for Emily?One instance of foreshadowing occurs when Emily Grierson buys arsenic from the pharmacist. The law requires that the druggist know what the poison will be used for, so he eventually gives in and writes ‘for rats’ on the box. Emily actually intends to use the arsenic to kill her suitor, Homer Barron.

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