How is rhetorical analysis related to critical thinking?

The PURPOSE of a rhetorical analysis is to engage in critical thinking with the intention of effectively communicating an intended message to a predetermined audience.Click to see full answer. Simply so, what is rhetoric in critical thinking?Rhetoric. The following pages offer a few ideas for using rhetoric as a critical thinking tool. I loosely define rhetoric as a body of techniques used to grab attention, manipulate emotions, and sneakily win arguments when you are backed into a corner. Ultimately, rhetoric provides a means to magnify your cause.Also, what is the genre in a rhetorical analysis? To study genre is to study the form and content of a message as appropriate to a rhetorical situation. From the form and content of genre we may read patterns that can tell us much about the speaker and audience. The patterns of a genre may reveal social and political truths. Accordingly, what is the difference between rhetorical analysis and critical analysis? In a rhetorical analysis, you look at the parts of a text in order to understand how they work together to make meaning. In a critical analysis, you construct and argument about how a text functions using the elements from your Rhetorical Analysis.What are the four elements of rhetorical analysis?The Rhetorical Square consists of four elements that matter when analyzing a text. The four elements are: 1) Purpose, 2) Message, 3) Audience, and 4) Voice.

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