How long does fuel cell last?

The fuel cell stacks are designed to last the lifetime of the vehicle, about 150,000–200,000 miles. At the end of its lifespan, the fuel cell will be disassembled and the materials recycled, similar to what happens with vehicle components today. A fuel cell stack is about the size of a roll-aboard suitcase.Click to see full answer. People also ask, do hydrogen fuel cells wear out?Unlike batteries, fuel cells don’t wear out and continuously provide electricity as long as there’s a constant source of fuel and oxygen. Fuel cells typically generate electricity using hydrogen and emit only water and heat. how efficient is a hydrogen fuel cell? If the fuel cell is powered with pure hydrogen, it has the potential to be up to 80-percent efficient. That is, it converts 80 percent of the energy content of the hydrogen into electrical energy. So we have 80-percent efficiency in generating electricity, and 80-percent efficiency converting it to mechanical power. how far can a fuel cell car go? 250-350 miles How much does a gallon of hydrogen fuel cost?Hydrogen fuel prices range from $12.85 to more than $16 per kilogram (kg), but the most common price is $13.99 per kg (equivalent on a price per energy basis to $5.60 per gallon of gasoline), which translates to an operating cost of $0.21 per mile.

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