How long does hero of the village last?

HERO OF THE VILLAGE: This effect will last for ~2 in game days and will give you great discounts on trades, with the discount dependent on the level of the effect.Click to see full answer. Consequently, does hero of the village wear off?When the “Hero of the Village” effect wears off, the icon and particle effects will disappear. You will be back to your normal status and will no longer be given discounts when trading with Villagers.Subsequently, question is, how long does the bad omen effect last? 1 hour and 40 minutes Similarly, you may ask, is Hero of the village permanent? Added Hero of the Village. Currently has no effect. Changed Hero of the Village icon. Hero of the Village now grants a villager trading discount.How do you become a hero in Village V?The level of Hero of the Village corresponds to the level of Bad Omen that triggered the raid. Hang out at an outpost and kill enough captains to get Bad Omen V, then when you go into a village and get victory in the raid you’ll have Hero of the Village V.

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