How long does sandtex take to dry?

3-4 hours Click to see full answer. Also, how long does sandtex exterior paint last? Re: How long does sandtex exterior masonry paint last in tub Paints can last past 10 years if the can is unopened but I still wouldn’t use it.Subsequently, question is, should I use smooth or textured masonry paint? In general, a good quality masonry paint will be required for your exterior walls. Masonry paint comes in smooth and textured finishes and is available in a whole host of colours. A textured paint will help cover cracks and very uneven surfaces, while smooth finishes are easier to apply to large areas. Likewise, does sandtex need a primer? Sandtex┬« 10 Year Primer Undercoat Paint. 10 Year Exterior Primer Undercoat provides the perfect base for wood and metal and should be used as base coat for all Sandtex exterior gloss and satin products for guaranteed results.How long does Dulux Weathershield take to dry? 4 hours

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