How long is the average string of Christmas lights?

Buy the right lights in the right amount diameter) are most commonly used and C9 light strings (1-1/8 in diameter) are also used for a truly bright display. Most C7 and C9 strings are 25 ft. long, so an average home (with a 100 ft. roof) will use at least 4 strings.Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, how long is a string of 50 Christmas lights?Holiday Wonderland 50 Count Clear String-To-String Light Set Green Wire 3″ Spacing 2 5V Bulb Lead Wire Length Is 18″ In Mini Box Replacement Bulb #IF/2R/1 3 Sets Of Lights Can Be Connected Together Comes With 1 Flasher Bulb 2 Extra Regular Bulbs & 1 Replacement Fuse Lighted Length: 12 25′ Total Length 14′ For how many strings of Christmas lights do I need? For example if your light string is rated at 20 watts, then you can run a maximum of 10 strings together in series. Now you can see why LED light strings can be run with so many more in series than traditional incandescent mini lights that require up to 10 more times the power to operate. Also know, how many feet is a strand of Christmas lights? Christmas Tree Height Number of Christmas Lights 5 Feet 150 lights per strand / 7 strands 6 Feet 150 lights per strand / 8 strands 7 Feet 150 lights per strand / 9 strands 8 Feet 150 lights per strand / 10 strands How long is a 100 light string of Christmas lights? lighted length: 20.6′ LED lights use 80% less energy. Holiday Time LED Clear Mini Lights, 100-Count: Brand Holiday Time Holiday Lighting Style String Lights Occasion Christmas Light Bulb Type LED Light Bulbs Assembled Product Dimensions (L x W x H) 4.50 x 3.00 x 6.50 Inches

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