How many billionaires are in real estate?How many billionaires are in real estate?

Real estate comes in third with 223 billionaires, about 10% of the world’s richest people.Click to see full answer. Correspondingly, who is the richest real estate agent?The richest American property mogul is Donald Bren, the Southern California investor behind Irvine Company, which owns hundreds of commercial properties and more than 60,000 apartments. He’s worth some $16.4 billion and ranks 68th richest in the world, per Forbes.Furthermore, can you become a billionaire in real estate? One of the easiest and fastest ways of growing wealth is by becoming a real estate mogul. Many people all over the world are buying multiple properties and getting rich with real estate. This means that you can sell an investment property at a much higher price after several years and build wealth with real estate. Similarly one may ask, how do most billionaires make their money? Four of the most often used methods of money-making in the world of billionaires are: inventing, investing, innovating and being an entrepreneur. But remember that how you pursue your billions is just as important as what you do to get them.What industry has the most billionaires? Here’s the rundown of which industries are earning the biggest of the bucks right now, according to Forbes: Finance and investments: 310 billionaires, 14 percent of the total. Fashion and retail: 235, 11 percent. Real estate: 220, 10 percent. Manufacturing: 207, 9 percent. Technology: 205, 9 percent.

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