How many cells does meiosis start with?

In meiosis, however, you start with a diploid cell that divides twice to produce four haploid cells. In other words a diploid cell that has 2n chromosomes produces four cells, each of which contains n chromosomes.Click to see full answer. Besides, how many cells are present at the start of meiosis? four cells Furthermore, how many copies of DNA does meiosis end with? We have 23 pairs of chromosomes (which contain our DNA), so 46 in total. In pictures, the two pairs look like criss-crossed sticks. In mitosis, the number of chromosomes is preserved and we end up with 46 chromosomes in the daughter cells. In meiosis, the number is halved and we end up with 23 total in each cell. In this way, how many cells are produced in meiosis? four Does meiosis start with 46 chromosomes?At the beginning of meiosis I, a human cell contains 46 chromosomes, or 92 chromatids (the same number as during mitosis).

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