How many chapters are in Funny in Farsi?

27 chapters Click to see full answer. Also, how many pages are in Funny in Farsi? The book describes Dumas’s move with her family in 1972, at age seven, from Iran to Whittier, California, and her life in the United States for the next several decades (with a brief return to Iran). Funny in Farsi. First edition Author Firoozeh Dumas Media type Print (Hardcover) Pages 208 pp ISBN 0-8129-6837-9 Subsequently, question is, who is Kazem in Funny in Farsi? Kazem – Firoozeh’s dad. He received a Fulbright scholarship to study in America while a student in Iran. Once he had a family of his own, he wanted to move them back to America since he viewed it as the land of dreams. what is the theme in Funny in Farsi? Women and Feminism. One of the most important aspects of Funny in Farsi’s portrait of Iranian culture is its treatment of women and femininity. Throughout the memoir, furthermore, Firoozeh evokes feminist themes more broadly.When was Farsi funny published? 2003

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