How many Great Clips franchises are there?

was established in 1982 in Minneapolis. Today, Great Clips has more than 4,200 salons throughout the United States and Canada, making it the world’s largest salon brand. Great Clips is 100-percent franchised, and salons are owned locally by more than 1,200 franchisees across North America.Click to see full answer. Moreover, how much does a Great Clips franchise cost? The Investment On average, it costs between $109,150 and $249,400 to open a Great Clips salon (depending on the market). Franchisees are required to have a net worth of at least $300,000 (in most markets) and at a minimum, $50,000 in liquid funds.One may also ask, what company owns Great Clips? Steve and David named Ray company president. 1993: The first Great Clips hair salon in Canada opens. 1997: Ray bought out his partners to become the majority shareholder. Similarly, you may ask, how do I open a Great Clips franchise? Confirm that you have the financial requirements to invest in the franchise: a minimum of $50,000 in liquid funds and a minimum personal net worth of at least $300,000. The total investment to open a salon ranges from just over $100,000 to $200,000 in the U.S. and from $128,000 to $245,000 in Canada.What states have great clips?Great Clips. Bloomington, Minnesota, U.S. Great Clips is a hair salon franchise with over 4,100 locations across the United States and Canada. It is headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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