How many seasons of war at home are there?

2 Click to see full answer Similarly, why did the war at home get Cancelled?The War at Home was cancelled at the end of two seasons due to low ratings. Though some believed the show to be homophobic, the show’s creator Ray Lotterstein is gay. In a second season episode entitled “Out & In,” Kenny announces that he’s gay.Subsequently, question is, what episode does Kenny come out in the war at home? “The War at Home” Kenny Doesn’t Live Here Anymore (TV Episode 2007) – IMDb. Likewise, is the war at home on Hulu? Watch The War at Home online. Can you stream the Comedy tv show The War at Home, created by Rob Lotterstein & starring Dean Collins, Kaylee DeFer, Kyle Sullivan & Michael Rapaport on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime? Parents struggle to raise their teens.When was the war at home made? September 11, 2005

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