How many series of wanderlust are there?

Wanderlust (British TV series) Wanderlust No. of series 1 No. of episodes 6 Production Executive producer(s) Roanna Benn Jude Liknaitzky Lucy Richer Click to see full answer. Also know, will there be a season 2 of wanderlust?Wanderlust Season 1 premiered on Oct 19, 2019 on Netflix. Even though possibilities are ripe for it, Wanderlust has not been renewed for a second season by BBC or Netflix yet, and we have no official air dates for the same yet either.Also, how many episodes of wanderlust are there? 6 Similarly, is Wanderlust Cancelled? Wanderlust Season 2 Renewal Status Like other Co-productions, Wanderlust was produced in the United Kingdom by the BBC and aired on British television before arriving on Netflix. While the series is still pending for renewal it will ultimately be between Netflix and the BBC if they wish to continue the series further.Who is Joshua in wanderlust? Series Cast Toni Collette Joy Richards 6 episodes, 2018 Amy Leighton Young Joy 4 episodes, 2018 Sophie Okonedo Angela Bowden 4 episodes, 2018 Simon Tcherniak Josh Riley 4 episodes, 2018 Andy Nyman James Marcham 4 episodes, 2018

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