How many spectral lines does neon have?

Neon: a very large number of lines in the red give neon signs their distinctive pink colors, but notice the two green lines.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in view, why does neon have a lot of spectral lines?This series of spectral lines is made by passing neon’s light through a spectroscope. This gadget spreads light out by its wavelength, so we can see the different (and distinctive) colours of light that each element releases when “excited”.Also Know, how many spectral lines are there? Answer: Total number of spectral lines = (n2−n1)(n2−n1−1)/2Here, n2=5 and n1=1Therefore, total number of spectral lines = (5−1)(5−1−1)/2=202=10i. e. total 10 lines i.e. 5→4,5→3,5→2,5→1,4→3,4→2,4→1,3→2,3→1,2→1 are possible in this case. Also question is, why does neon have more spectral lines than hydrogen? The difference in emission lines are caused by the fact that helium has more electrons than hydrogen does. Hydrogen has only 1 while helium has 2. With more electrons being excited, more spectral lines will be observed. To calculate for helium, a Rydberg constant of 5.94×10 15 s -1 is used.How many spectral lines can an atom produce?A hydrogen atom sample in ground state is excited by monochromatic radiation of wavelength Armstrong. The resulting spectrum consists of the maximum of 15 different lines.

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