How many years did it take Marco Polo to reach China?

Marco Polo (1254-1324), is probably the most famous Westerner traveled on the Silk Road. He excelled all the other travelers in his determination, his writing, and his influence. His journey through Asia lasted 24 years. He reached further than any of his predecessors, beyond Mongolia to China.Click to see full answer. Also question is, why Did Marco Polo Go to China?Marco Polo Went to China After All, Study Suggests. A new study restores the Venetian explorer’s honor by offering evidence that he did indeed reach China and Mongolia. Born around 1254 in the Venetian Republic, Marco Polo headed to Asia with his merchant father at age 17.Similarly, how did Marco Polo change the world? Answer and Explanation: Marco Polo changed the world in that he opened up trade routes to East India and China. This allowed for an increase in trade, expanding Europe’s Keeping this in view, how did Marco Polo affect China? Traversing the Silk Road, Marco Polo was able to not only bring elements of Western culture to the East, but Eastern culture back to the West. Although Polo was not able to bring much westernization to China himself, he invoked a desire to future Europeans to engage in Eastern interactions.Is the story of Marco Polo true?But before you watch the series, check out the scoop on the real-life exploits of Marco Polo. No. 1: Marco Polo was only 15 years old when he left Venice on the great adventure that took him to the court of Kublai Khan. His father Niccolò and his uncle Maffeo Polo had made the journey previously.

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