How much do Christmas trees cost?

The average live evergreen cost $78 last year, which was up $3 (a 4% increase) from the roughly $75-per-tree price tag in 2016 and 2017, according to the National Christmas Tree Association, the official trade organization for the natural Christmas tree industry.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, how much does a 5 foot Christmas tree cost? TREE TOWNE CHRISTMAS TREES Prices are displayed on the tag on each tree. Our most popular tree is the Fraser Fir. A 5-6 foot Fraser Fir can vary between about $45 and $75, depending on quality.Secondly, how much does the NYC Christmas tree cost? Tree sellers at Uptown Christmas Trees, which has 19 spread throughout upper Manhattan, have raised the price of their 12-foot Frasers to $300 — up $100 from last year. Vendor Heather Neville — who bills herself as the NYC Tree Lady — upped her Fraser prices by 20 percent to $850. Consequently, how much do Christmas trees cost wholesale? Fraser Fir Wholesale Prices – (Premium Grade) 3-4′: $12. 4-5′: $16. 5-6′: $20. 6-7′: $24. 7-8′: $28. 6-8′: $22. 8-10′: $32. over 10′: call for prices. How much is a truckload of Christmas trees? Size Cost Profit 8′-9′ Cost $35 $45-$85 9′-10′ Cost $40 $50-$110 10′-11′ Cost $50 $50-$150 11′-12′ Cost $75 $75-$250

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