How much do NBA 2k League players make?

Salaries and benefits Players drafted in the first round will make $35,000, while the rest of the players will make $32,000. There will be four other opportunities throughout the season to win money as $1 million will be split between three tournaments and the league championship.Click to see full answer. Keeping this in consideration, how much do NBA 2k players make?NBA 2K League players earn between $33,000 & $37,000 for a four-month season, while players in the NBA’s development league earn a $35,000 salary over five months.Subsequently, question is, how much do 2k cover athletes make? A salary exceeding $10 million (with the exception of Davis who was somehow still on his rookie deal at the time). Enough to have a digital reach approaching – or well and truly exceeding – 10 million followers. Additionally, can you make money playing NBA 2k? According to the league, players drafted in the first round will earn $35,000 over 6 months, while players drafted in the second round and beyond get paid a cool $32,000. Getting paid to play 2K. The players in the NBA 2K League will be earning more than players in the G League on the minimum salary.How does the NBA 2k league work?Teams compete in 5 vs. 5 gameplay using unique characters (not existing NBA players). Teams live in their home markets during the season and compete in league play each regular-season week at the NBA 2K League Studio in New York City.

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