How much do sports marketing managers make?

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) suggests median pay for advertising, promotions, and marketing managers is $115,750 per year, which works out to around $55 an hour. Further BLS data on the salaries for marketing managers connected to spectator sports suggest annual mean wages that vary from $115,000 to $117,000.Click to see full answer. Similarly, it is asked, how much do sports managers make?Sports management salaries also differ greatly depending on the position. Beginning level positions generally earn around $35,000 per year, mid-level positions around $50,000 per year, while upper-level positions can earn more than $100,000 annually.One may also ask, what can I do with a sports marketing degree? Sports marketing jobs can be with a variety of companies – from sports teams to advertising agencies and public relations firms. Event Management Marketing Director. Sales Manager. Public Relations Director. Director of Operations. Director of Client Services. Likewise, what is a sports marketing manager? Sports marketing managers leverage various sports and related activities to sell products, services and even experiences for a specific brand or team. Sports marketing managers focus on their specific domain of popular sports or even college-level athletics, in some cases.What degree do you need to be in sports marketing? Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Marketing Aspiring sports marketing professionals should earn a high school diploma or GED before they consider enrolling in a degree program at a 4-year university.

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