How much does a counter weigh?

Typical Countertop Weight A typical counter might measure about 30 square feet. With 1 1/4 in. granite, multiplying 30 square feet by 19 pounds per square feet gives you a hefty 570 pounds, or more than the weight of two average refrigerators.Click to see full answer. Beside this, how much does a slab of 3cm granite weigh?3cm or 1-1/4 thick granite weighs about 18+- pounds per square ft. 2cm or 3/4 thick granite weighs about 12+- pounds per square ft.Additionally, is granite or concrete heavier? Concrete is a porous material, so it tends to be more susceptible to staining than granite. Some claim that concrete is heavier than granite, and that even cabinets that are strong enough to support a granite countertop might buckle under the weight of concrete. In this way, how much does 3cm quartz weigh per square foot? QuartzStone standard slab size is 120” x 55”, available in 2cm (¾”) and 3cm (1-¼”) thicknesses. The 2cm slab weighs approximately 10.3 lbs/sq. ft.How much do laminate countertops weigh?Weights are usually measured per square foot. Laminate countertops with a kraft interior are the lightest, at around four pounds per square foot, with a ¾-inch construction and a melamine laminate.

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