How much does a Honda Silverwing weight?

Honda Silver Wing (scooter) Manufacturer Honda Wheelbase 62.8 in (1,600 mm) Seat height 29.7 in (750 mm) Weight 511 lb (232 kg) (dry) 551 lb (250 kg) (wet) Fuel capacity 4.2 US gal (16 l; 3.5 imp gal) Reserve: 0.9 US gal (3.4 l; 0.75 imp gal) Click to see full answer. Regarding this, how fast is a Honda Silverwing?Unsurprisingly, the Silver Wing was Honda’s fastest scooter ever, with a 0-60 mph time of 8 seconds and a top speed of 105mph (170km/hr). To achieve this, Honda designed their impressive 582cc parallel twin cylinder ‘DACT’ engine.Subsequently, question is, does Honda still make the Silverwing? Of course Honda is still producing the Silver Wing, just not in the original FSC version that came out in 2000. Additionally, how much is a Honda Silverwing? Values Suggested List Price Low Retail Base Price $7,699 $1,340 Total Price $7,699 $1,340 How fast can a 600cc scooter go?The BMW C 600 Sport is a scooter with the heart of a motorcycle. the weekend and I ended up riding it long past midnight, hitting its top speed of 99 mph on a deserted stretch of the Merritt Parkway. I loved it.

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