How much does butternut wood cost?How much does butternut wood cost?

Butternut Lumber Pricing Description Price Butternut 4/4 thickness $5.00 Butternut 8/4 thickness $6.00 Wide Stock Butternut $1.50 + Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, is butternut wood valuable?Butternut (White walnut) Butternut (Juglans cinera) is a tree that is more valuable for its sweet oily tasting nuts than for its lumber. In the spring, the tree can be tapped for excellent syrup. Butternut wood is very stable with little tendency to warp or crack in use.Additionally, how much does rough lumber cost? Rough Cut Boards – Pine Size 6′ ** 12′ 1×2 $1.31 $2.62 1×3 $1.97 $3.93 1×4 $1.40 $2.80 1×6 $2.16 $4.32 Also, is butternut a hardwood? A medium-sized tree, butternut generally grows 30-50′ in height and to a trunk diameter of 1-3′. Butternut’s coarse, straight grained wood features a light tan color and a beautiful luster. At 27 pounds per cubic foot air-dried, butternut weighs less than black walnut. It’s also softer, less durable, and not as strong.What type of wood is Butternut? Characteristics of Butternut Origin of Wood Type Eastern North America (Canada & USA) Lumber Grades Common 1 & 2, Select and Better, FAS, Flitch, Figured (Heavy), Figured (Medium), Veneer, Premium, Wormy Other Trade Names White Walnut, Golden Walnut

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