How much does it cost to park at ASU?

Parking permit prices are based on the facility’s proximity to campus destinations. Each campus offers tiered permit rates that range in price. For the Polytechnic and West campuses, permits cost $210-$480; for the Downtown Phoenix and Tempe campuses, $210 to $780.Click to see full answer. Regarding this, where can you park for free at ASU?You can park at the Tempe Library (Rural and Southern) for free and take the free Orbit bus to ASU, Downtown Tempe and the Light Rail station. You can park other places around Tempe and catch an orbit too.Also, where can I park for ASU football game? Game day pay parking will be available in the following lots: 10th Street Structure on 10th Street and University Drive: $20. Fulton Center Garage on College and University Drive: $20. Besides, how do I get a parking pass at ASU? Purchase your permit through My Transportation Account. Students and employees who wish to pay for their permits by cash or personal check may visit a campus Parking and Transit Services office.Can you have a car at ASU?For the most part, ASU Tempe is a pedestrian campus so vehicles are not favored and parking is less favored. For activities taking place on the north side of Campus, the Fulton Center Building parking structure is your best bet.

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