How much does it cost to repack trailer wheel bearings?

How Much Does It Cost to Repack a Wheel Bearing? In a car, it will cost between $100 and $400 on average to have your bearings checked, repacked, or changed professionally (depending on your location and mechanic). Some servicers will provide these optionally during break tune-ups; others do not.Click to see full answer. Similarly, how often should you repack trailer bearings?With Bearing Buddy® installed, how often do I need to repack my bearings? We don’t recommend inspecting your bearings more frequently than once every 5 years, provided you properly maintain the grease level in the hubs, and your bearings and seals are in new condition when you install genuine Bearing Buddy®.Secondly, how do you repack bearings on a trailer? First, loosen the lug nuts on one wheel and raise the side of the trailer with a jack. Support the trailer with jack stands and then spin the wheel and listen to the trailer bearings. If the wheel spins freely and quietly, proceed with repacking the bearings. Simply so, how much does it cost to replace trailer bearings? The average cost for a wheel bearing service is between $158 and $198. Labor costs are estimated between $140 and $178 while parts are priced between $18 and $20. Estimate does not include taxes and fees.Can you over grease wheel bearings?There’s no such thing as too much grease for bearings! You would not pack grease in the hub otherwise and not in the drum since the brakes would not be able to grab with grease in the hub. Grease caps, dust caps, and bearing protectors have to be installed right to avoid losing them.

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