How much is a Jucy rental?

Compared with larger RVs, Jucy is inexpensive. Costs start at $45 a day and can climb to as much as $110 a day. Compare that with the $60 to $200 a day you’ll be charged for a standard 19-foot RV.Click to see full answer. Hereof, who owns Jucy Rentals?JUCY was founded by Auckland brothers Tim and Dan Alpe in 2001 with 35 cars. Their father, Chris Alpe, founded Maui campervans in the 1980s. The business was operated from a small garage in Parnell, Auckland, New Zealand. In 2003, JUCY launched their custom built campervans for hire in New Zealand.Subsequently, question is, how much does it cost to rent a sleeper van? Class B’s tend to be the most affordable motorhome to rent: A sleeper van around 10 years old will cost between $100-$150. A new sleeper van (less than 10 years) will cost anywhere from $150 – $300, depending on the make. Secondly, how much does a small camper van cost? Factors like age, model and make contribute in determining the fuel efficiency of your campervan. But for an average, small campervan, you’d probably get around 35mpg.Can you rent small RVs?Not only can you rent small RVs, but you can also rent motor homes, fifth wheels, camper vans, pop up campers, travel trailers, and virtually any kind of recreational vehicle there is.

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