How much is a Princess Diana Beanie Baby?

Princess the Bear // Value: $10,000 The purple Princess Diana bear Beanie Baby quickly become iconic when Ty released it in 1997.Click to see full answer. Likewise, people ask, which Princess Diana bear is worth money?”I’ve been waiting for my ‘Rare’ Princess Diana Beanie Baby to make me a millionaire since 1997,” Twitter user Max Grossman shared. A look at eBay listings might enforce that notion. One bear described as in “near mint” condition is listed for $507,000. And it’s not the only bear with a six-figure price tag.One may also ask, how can you tell if you have a first edition Princess Diana Beanie Baby? First Edition Princess Beanie Baby 1st Editions ALWAYS have PVC Pellets. PVC or PE Pellets can be found on the Label. The Hang Tag should NOT have a Space Above Diana. Should Have a Bright White Rose and Bright Green Stem. Only 1 in 12 Released to Retailers in 1998. Besides, what Beanie Babies are worth the most money? 10 of the Most Valuable Beanie Babies Patti the Platypus. Ebay. Patti was one of the original 9 Beanie Babies that launched in 1993. Princess the Bear. Ebay. Claude the Crab. Ebay. Peace Bear. Ebay. Bubbles. Ebay. Snort the Red Bull. Ebay. Jake the Duck. Etsy. Valentino Beanie. Etsy. How much is a Princess Diana doll worth?In 1981 House of Nisbet 16-inch Prince of Wales and Princess of Wales dolls retailed for $66.98 each. A boxed set of House of Nisbet 8-inch vinyl Prince Charles and Princess Diana dolls with Diana dressed in her wedding gown, “exquisite in every detail,” sold for $130.

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