How much is an apartment in Tel Aviv?

In Tel Aviv, the rental price for a small apartment (1.5-2 rooms) is NIS 3,984 per month. Average rent for a bigger apartment (2.5-3 rooms) is NIS 4,954. Those renting a 4.5-5 room apartment pay no less than NIS 8,200 on average.Click to see full answer. Similarly, how much is an apartment in Israel?The cheapest apartments in the area put up for sale for $ 240 – 300 of thousands of shekels, well, the average price is between 800 to 850 thousand shekels. Flats of the most popular format in Israel from 2 to 3.5 rooms in Tel Aviv are on average 1.4 million shekels, prices range from 410 to 2 million or more.Beside above, how much is a house in Tel Aviv? The country’s most expensive residential area is Tel Aviv, where the average price of owner-occupied dwellings was ILS 2,184,600 (US$620,273) in Q2 2019. It was followed by the Center at ILS 1,788,100 (US$507,695) and Jerusalem at ILS 1,783,500 (US$506,389). Secondly, how expensive is it to live in Tel Aviv? Cost of Living in Tel Aviv-Yafo. Summary about cost of living in Tel Aviv-Yafo: Four-person family monthly costs: 3,771.08$ (12,896.04₪) without rent (using our estimator). A single person monthly costs: 1,066.59$ (3,647.43₪) without rent.Is Tel Aviv a good place to live?Tel Aviv is not a bad city to live in. It has spectacular beaches, a lot of cultural activities, a big university and night life. Museums, galleries, art and fashion are all there to be had, and one could never have enough time to cover all that the city has to offer.

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