How much is Kaplan MCAT course?

Kaplan[4] offers the MCAT Advantage On Demand course for $1,900, which includes online video instruction accessible any time of the week and a higher-score guarantee. An in-person course or group tutoring for the MCAT can typically cost $500-$2,000 and may last one to several weeks.Click to see full answer. Simply so, how much is a Kaplan course?Kaplan’s cheapest course option is the Self Paced course at $799. The final course Kaplan offers involves one-on-one tutoring, both at home and/or online. It costs $2599 and includes one of the two prep courses at no extra cost.One may also ask, is the Kaplan MCAT course worth it? I took Kaplan twice, I liked the balance of self teaching and structure. I felt like the books are better for the new exam: more concise, and covers really what we need to know. Of course, the rest depends on you. You can take all the classes you want, but its not worth it if you dont study. Also, how much is Kaplan MCAT prep? The lessons complement your course, dive deep into specific topics, and can be filtered by subject or teacher. When you take any course, you get 8 MCAT prep books, including our award-winning, “best-of-the-best” 7-book subject review set ($269.99 value).How long is the Kaplan MCAT prep course? 240 hours

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