How much is unlimited shrimp at Outback?

With prices starting at $15.99, the limited-time promotion let’s you choose from a number of different steak cuts and unlimited Garlic Herb Butter or Crispy Shrimp. You can also tack on the unlimited shrimp option to any entree for an additional charge.Click to see full answer. Similarly one may ask, is Outback still doing unlimited shrimp?Outback Steakhouse welcomes back its popular Steak and Unlimited Shrimp promotion at participating locations nationwide starting at $16.99. For shrimp lovers, there’s also an option to add unlimited Crispy or Garlic Herb Butter Shrimp to any entree during the promotion. how much is steak and lobster at Outback? Steak & Lobster starting at $16.99. Additionally, what is the special at Outback? $10.99 Walkabout Wednesday Special The Wednesday special, called “Walkabout Wednesday,” comes with your choice of one of these classic Outback entrées: 6 oz center-cut Sirloin or Grilled Chicken on the Barbie. Plus get an order of Aussie Fries and paired with a small domestic draft beer or a Coca-Cola product.Does Outback still have steak and lobster?FILET MIGNON* & LOBSTER. A tender and juicy thick cut 6 oz. filet paired with a steamed lobster tail. Served with a signature potato and one freshly made side.

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