How much luggage fits in a Chevy Malibu?

Chevy Malibu Luggage Capacity At 462 liters, the trunk area of the Chevy Malibu is among the largest available on the market for Mid-Size class vehicles. It can store up to 4 large suitcases easily and still have room left over for smaller items and luggage.Click to see full answer. Also question is, how much luggage can fit in a full size car?Both sizes should accommodate two large suitcases in the trunk. A mid-size car can handle two smaller bags, while a full-size car should have enough room for a third small suitcase. If there is a lot of cargo to haul, choose the larger full-size option.One may also ask, how many suitcases can a standard SUV hold? Suitable for families or groups of 5, luggage capacity runs to roughly, 2 suitcases and 3 smaller bags. Standard SUV’s can be hired from all US airport locations and the majority of downtown (city or hotel) locations, but as above, very small hotel locations may not carry larger fleet cars. Similarly one may ask, how many suitcases fit in a Corolla? 3 How roomy is a Chevy Malibu? Malibu Cargo Space At 15.8 cubic feet, the Malibu’s trunk space is average for the midsize car class. The trunk opening is wide and large, so it’s easy to reach in and grab your cargo. You can fold the back seats to haul longer items, but the seats don’t lay completely flat.

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