How often should St Augustine grass be fertilized?How often should St Augustine grass be fertilized?

The best fertilizer for St Augustine grass will vary, but the rule of thumb is one pound of nitrogen for every 1,000 square feet. Fertilizing every two months is ideal unless you apply slow-release nitrogen that can be spread every 10 weeks.Click to see full answer. Accordingly, can you over fertilize St Augustine?The reality is the lawn will actually overfeed itself first before it can stop any further uptake of nutrients. And it’s from this same overfeeding, that the excess nutrients can become toxic within the Saint Augustine grass, and will result in the lawn becoming quite sick.Furthermore, how do I make my St Augustine grass thicker? Augustine to have more than 1 inch of water per week. As someone else said, a 3-3.5 inch mowing height is good. I would lean toward the 3 inch right now, and the 3.5 inch when it gets hot. Every 5 days is a good mowing cycle, and will cause the grass to thicken. Hereof, how often should you fertilize your lawn in Florida? Slow-release fertilizers only need to be applied every 6-8 weeks, rather than the standard recommendation of every four weeks. You want to aim for 2-3 pounds of nitrogen during each growing season.What is the best fertilizer for St Augustine grass in Florida?For this reason, St. Augustine needs more frequent and higher rates of nitrogen compared to the other nutrients. Good growth and color often is achieved with a 70/30 ratio of soluble nitrogen and slow-release fertilizer sources. A ratio of 3-1-2 (N-P-K) is a good overall fertilizer mix for St Augustine turf.

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