How old is Chico Time?

In 2006, he had a number one hit on the British charts entitled “It’s Chico Time”. Chico Slimani Also known as Chico Born 1971 (age 48–49) Bridgend, Wales Genres Pop, Latin Occupation(s) Singer, actor Click to see full answer. Herein, who is Chico married to? Daniyela Rakic m. 2008 Similarly, who sang Chico Time? Chico Slimani Chico Also question is, where is Chico now? Now living in Hertfordshire, Chico is keen to inspire people across the globe to get involved with his new workout programme Block Fit, something he decided to try his hand at after losing his life savings five years ago and suffering a stroke in 2018.How much is Chico worth?Chico Slimani Net Worth: Chico Slimani is a British singer who has a net worth of $2 million. Chico Slimani was born in Bridgend, Wales in April 1971. Chico became famous after he reached the quarterfinals of the reality TV series The X Factor in 2005.

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