How old is Claude the albino alligator?

15 years old Click to see full answer. In this way, how long do albino alligators live?In the wild, albino alligators would not live long because they could not blend in with their surroundings. The young albinos would quickly be eaten by predators. These alligators are extremely rare in the wild, and most of them are found in zoos, alligator farms, and nature preserves.Also Know, is there an albino alligator? There are only a couple of dozen known albino alligators in the world, all in captivity. Claude’s toe was amputated after developing an infection from being bitten by another alligator. Claude appears completely white because he lacks the pigment melanin. Also asked, is the albino alligator endangered? The Albino alligators have been exploited for their valued skin. This rare type of Alligator is a critically endangered species. It is our aim that by learning more about these fascinating reptiles, you do your part to conserve this species.Where do albino alligators live?Wild Florida explains on its website that albino alligators are exclusively located in freshwater areas in the southeastern United States. There are very few living under human care.

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