How old is Kortney Wilson?

41 years (February 8, 1979) Click to see full answer Hereof, are Kortney and Dave Wilson still married?It is official, Kortney and Dave Wilson, the renowned real estate power couple, are getting a divorce. News broke late last year, on December the 20th, that the two would be going their separate ways. After eighteen years together in marital bliss, the two finally decided that it was time to call it quits. how old is Courtney from masters of flip? Today, she is Kortney Wilson, television personality and mother to 14-year-old Jett, 12-year-old Sully and nine-year-old Lennox. Similarly one may ask, how old is Dave Wilson HGTV? Now at the age of 46, with a family of his own and a wildly successful career in the US, Dave still thinks of the Ottawa area as home. He and Kortney will be in Ottawa for the Ottawa Fall Home Show September 28 to October 1. Join them to get tips on flipping houses.Are masters of flip getting divorced?The couple announced on December 20, 2019 that they are separating and will divorce. They have two biological children, Jett and Sully and an adopted daughter, Lennox Esmee.

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