How old is Yulkwon?

45 years (February 14, 1975) Click to see full answer Herein, are Yul and Becky still friends?Although Candice mutinied and betrayed both Yul and Becky, Yul tells the The Fayetteville Observer “After the show, we were able to put all that aside. We’re actually close friends.”Likewise, who voted for Yul Survivor? In the end, Yul Kwon defeated Ozzy Lusth and Becky Lee by a jury vote of 5–4–0 and was named the Sole Survivor. Keeping this in view, where is Yul Kwon now? The cast includes Concord native Yul Kwon, who now lives in Los Altos. He outwitted, outlasted and outplayed the competition in “Survivor: Cook Islands,” which aired way back in 2006.Why did Yul Kwon agree to join the cast of Survivor?Kwon says that he was recruited for Cook Islands, but he wanted to join because he “saw it as a real opportunity. Asians are an under-represented minority in TV and when we are on TV, it’s usually as a stereotype or a caricature.”

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