How To Gain Weight In Your Butt & Hips Through Your Meals

How To Gain Weight In Your Butt & Hips

Here, we will teach you how to gain weight in your butt and hips through the meals that you eat.

As a lady, your body speaks ahead of you even before an introduction. Having a fuller butt and wider hip gives you a sort of confidence when choosing something to wear/ It also boost your confidence when you are among your peers.

I mean, who doesn’t want to be complimented for having an amazing body shape. Getting a bigger butt is just like building any other muscle in your body, it takes a combination of proper nutrition and exercise.

For work out, I believe that you have heard tons of them or it seems easy to figure out though. I am guessing that you have probably heard of squats, deadlift, hip thrust, and a handful of other movements that specifically target the muscles in your hips and butt.

But here is the thing, these workouts won’t even be half as effective without foods or meals that make your butt bigger. On the contrary, I know that some of you just want a bigger butt without stepping your feet into the gym and honestly, that is possible with food but I think it is important that we actually talk about these things before you start with your weight gain procedures.

Generally, food has a massive say and impart in the growth of our body, I mean every part of it. Now about gaining weight in your hips and butt without exercise, know that you are going to eat calorie-dense foods and put on a bit of weight in the form of fat.

Unfortunately, fat distribution is mostly systematic which in other words means that you are likely to gain weight everywhere else when you don’t work out after taking your weight gain meals.

Truth be told, there is not just a single food in the world that magically makes “just your butt fatter”. But the trick is to gain just enough fat to increase the size of your butt and hip. Now that is well understood, let’s talk about foods that will make your butt bigger, shall we?


How To Gain Weight In Your Butt And Hips
How To Gain Weight In Your Butt And Hips

Are you surprised? Don’t be. When I say egg, I mean the white plus all the fatty yolk. Eggs are highly nutritious, providing vitamin B12, riboflavin and phosphorus. Per the study, people who eat whole eggs post-workout have a 40% better muscle-building response than those who eat only egg whites.

Also, the result of the study was based on post-workout ingestion of eggs worth 18g of protein which is 3 large eggs so remember to keep that in mind the next time you finish an exercise session.

Now let’s talk about chicken. Virtually, every trainer in the world would advise you to eat chicken and more specifically “chicken breast”. I think you just asked me why? Now listen, it is a cost-effective source of lean protein and there are literally thousands of healthy ways to prepare it.

But more importantly to your weight gain process, it’s easy to measure. 100g chicken breast has roughly 30g of protein and per the study, that is all the protein that you need to increase your glute.


How To Gain Weight In Your Butt & Hips

Salmon is a great source of protein packing 22grams into a single 4-ounce. Fatty fish like salmon are also loaded with omega-3 fatty acids, which provide numerous health benefits. Some research suggests that omega-3 fats reduce inflammation which may expedite muscle recovery and growth.


How To Gain Weight In Your Butt And Hips
How To Gain Weight In Your Butt And Hips

Legumes as we all know are a family of plants that includes beans, peas, lentils and peanuts. They are generally high in protein which boosts the growth of your glutes. For example, 1 cup of cooked chickpeas boasts nearly 13grams of protein.

Legumes are likewise a good source of micronutrients like magnesium which is involved in energy production and muscle contraction. Moving from legumes, let’s talk about brown rice. Personally, brown rice is my favourite kind of rice.

I love it because it provides the perfect balance of complex carbs and protein, with over 5grams of protein per cooked cup. What is more, brown rice is also high in branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are broken down directly into your muscles for a quick source of energy. Studies show that BCAAs increases muscle protein synthesis and curtail muscle loss to help balloon your butt.


Packing nearly 8grams of protein into each (236ml cup of milk) makes milk an excellent snack after hitting the gym. This beverage contains slow and fast digesting proteins that supply your muscles with a steady stream of amino acids after your workout, which is very important when it comes to building your butt.

Next are the protein shakes. Protein shakes are a great choice for a healthy post-workout snack. “ Whey protein”, a type of protein found in milk has been shown to promote muscle growth and recovery after a workout.

Enjoy it by blending vegetables, fruits and milk to bump up your butt boosting benefits. Personally, my favourite shakes are cherry blossom, banana yoghurt shake and coconut shake.


Other protein-infused foods that are effective and good for butt and hip gain includes QUINOA. It is a nutrient-rich seed that offers a whooping 8grams of protein per 1/4 -cup dry serving. Avocado is an excellent and flavorful fruit’s supply of healthy fats, protein and fibre.

Rich in vitamin C, potassium, vitamin B6 and magnesium. Its antioxidants may reduce exercise-induced muscle damage, soreness and inflammation to speed up recovery time. Pumpkin seeds, flax seeds, Greek yoghurt, nut butter, cottage cheese and even tofu are all excellent foods that you should consume to see the best result in your butt weight gain process.

Diet is the most important element for gaining muscle and increasing the size of your buttocks.

However, keep in mind that these foods are unlikely to have much effect on their own. Instead, they should be combined with regular resistance training to boost muscle building and maximize results.

This is why you are not seeing results from your work-outs.

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