How wide is a whitetail deer’s chest?

We’ve already said that an average whitetail buck gives you about a 10″ diameter target. That deer measures perhaps 17″ deep through the chest, measured from the top of his back to his brisket.Click to see full answer. Herein, what is the average width of a whitetail deer?Quote: The average whitetail stands between 36 and 40 inches high at the top of the shoulder. Especially big bucks may be 42 inches high. They have a total length of between 60 to 75 inches and an average weight of about 150 pounds.Also Know, what is the length of a whitetail deer? 95 – 220 cm Subsequently, question is, how wide is a deer’s body? It depends on where you are as the size varies. A big Midwestern whitetail averages 18″ but can be only 14″ in many eastern states. Mule deer can go all the way to 24 inches.How wide is a mature bucks ears? Field Judging Bucks Compare the size of the antler bases to the size of the buck’s eye. The circumference of a mature buck’s eye is approximately four inches. Antler width can be compared to the width of the buck’s ears. A mature buck’s ears are 16 inches when alert and 18 inches when relaxed.

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