In which season Arhar is grown?

summer Click to see full answer. Also asked, what is Arhar crop?Pigeonpea (Cajanus cajan (L.) Millsp.), commonly known as red gram or tur or Arhar, is a very old crop of this country. After gram, arhar is the second most important pulse crop in the country. It is mainly eaten in the form of split pulse as ‘dal’.Subsequently, question is, is Arhar and tur dal same? First of all, Arhar and Toor Dal are the same things! They’re also known as Pigeon Peas. It is beige in colour, with a yellow interior part. It is an important source of folic acid, proteins, and fiber. Moreover, where is toor dal grown India? The crop is extensively grown in Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat.In which soil Pigeon pea is grown?Pigeon Pea may be grown well, on a wide range of soils varying from sandy loams to clay loams. It does best on fertile and well drained loamy soils. The saline-alkaline and waterlogged soil unfit for its cultivation, as they adversely effect nodulation.

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