Instagram Feature Will Urge Teenagers to “Take a Break” From the Platform

Instagram is set to introduce a new feature that will encourage teenagers to step back from the social media platform.

Nick Clegg, Facebook VP of global affairs, stated during CNN’s State of the Union, “We’re going to introduce something which I think will make a considerable difference, which is where our systems see that a teenagers is looking at the same content over and over again, and it’s content which may not be conducive to their well being, we will nudge them to look at other content.”

He added that the new measure will be “called ‘take a break,’ where we will be prompting teens to just simply take a break from using Instagram.”

In a September 27th blog post, Instagram head Adam Mosseri noted, “We announced last week that we’re exploring two new ideas: encouraging people to look at other topics if they’re dwelling on content that might contribute to negative social comparison, and a feature tentatively called “Take a Break,” where people could put their account on pause and take a moment to consider whether the time they’re spending is meaningful.”

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