Is an arthrogram painful?

While the arthrography procedure itself causes no pain, having to move or hold the joint still in certain positions might cause some discomfort or pain, particularly if you’ve recently had surgery or a joint injury.Click to see full answer. Likewise, does an arthrogram injection hurt?Unlike a typical MRI, an MRI arthrogram begins with the injection of fluid called contrast right into the joint – usually a hip, shoulder, wrist, elbow or knee. It doesn’t hurt as much as they would think.” After the contrast is injected, you’re taken to the MRI machine for scans of the joint.Beside above, can I drive home after an arthrogram? You should not drive home after the procedure and must make other travel arrangements (e.g. ask a relative or friend to accompany you who can drive you home). After the procedure the joint will feel slightly unusual until the body has drained away all the injected fluid. Keeping this in consideration, is it normal to be sore after an arthrogram? After the arthrogram your joint and where you had the injection may be a little sore, but this usually goes away within a day. If your joint is sore, do not lift or do any heavy exercise for one to two days after the arthrogram.How long does it take to get MRI arthrogram results?The time that it takes your doctor to receive a written report on the test or procedure you have had will vary from 2 – 8 hours. Please feel free to ask us during your exam when your doctor is likely to have the written report.

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