Is aubrieta deer resistant?

1000 ROCK CRESS SEEDS Deer Resistant Aubrieta Hybrida BULK Perennial Groundcover. * Rock Cress is a hardy Perennial and will survive in zones 4-9. * It is also known as Wallcress or Common Aubrieta.Click to see full answer. Considering this, will deer eat burning bush?The following trees and shrubs are landscape favorites and don’t appeal to deer: Ash, Barberry, Boxwood, Butterfly Bush (Buddleia), Burning Bush (Euonymus alatus), Cotoneaster, Dogwood, Forsythia, Grape Holly (Mahonia), Hawthorn, Heavenly Bamboo (Nandina), Holly, Japanese Kerria, Japanese Maple, Juniper, Lilac,One may also ask, are marigolds deer resistant? Deer Resistance Marigolds are allelopathic, which means they produce a chemical that is poisonous to other living things. It is not clear if this chemical has any direct impact on deer, but it is known that deer tend to avoid plants that are poisonous or that have a strong scent or bitter flavor. Also know, are blanket flowers deer resistant? Gaillardia (Blanket Flower) is a long-blooming native wildflower that is easy-to-grow and provides ample nectar for butterflies. It’s resistant to browsing rabbits and deer.Does aubrieta spread?Aubrieta Growing Conditions. Aubrieta is a perennial suited for United States Department of Agriculture zones 4 to 8. This temperate to cool region plant can spread up to 24 inches (61 cm.) over time and forms lovely purple carpets of color in spring.

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