Is Basswood same as Linden?

Basswood or Linden Tree Interesting Facts And Uses. The genus is generally called Lime or Linden in Britain and Linden, Lime, or Basswood in North America but they are not closely related to the lime fruit. The genus occurs in Europe and eastern North America, but the greatest species diversity is found in Asia.Click to see full answer. Then, why is Linden called basswood?This southern variety is sometimes called white basswood. Linden wood is lightweight and free of grain, making it ideal for boxes, carving and use in musical instruments such as the base for electric guitars. It is called basswood in North America because the Native Americans used it to make a strong fiber called bast.Secondly, what is basswood called in the UK? Re: Basswood in the uk. Basswood is “LIme” in the UK. Likewise, people ask, is basswood the same as Limewood? Comments: Species in the Tilia genus are usually referred to as either Lime or Linden in Europe, while in the United States the wood is most commonly called Basswood. European Lime has good strength-to-weight characteristics, and tends to be slightly heavier and harder than its American counterpart.What is another name for basswood?The trees are sometimes called “lime” in Britain and “linden” in parts of Europe and North America. The most common name for the tree in North America is American basswood (Tilia americana), but there are several varieties with separate names.

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