Is Mr T ill?

Illness and Personal Life In 1995 doctors diagnosed the actor with T-cell lymphoma, a form of cancer. While he recovered, Mr. T kept a low profile and limited his appearances to commercials. As he regained his health, he began appearing again on the big screen.Click to see full answer. People also ask, what does the T in Mr T stand for?From that moment forward, everyone, even his beloved mama, addressed Laurence as Mr. T. “To the women and children, the ‘T’ in Mr. T stands for tender. To the bad guys and the thugs, the T stands for tough.Secondly, what is Mr T real name? Lawrence Tureaud Also to know is, what does Mr T do for a living? Bodyguard Wrestler Voice acting Motivational speaker TV Personality How old is Mr T now? 67 years (May 21, 1952)

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