Is Potbelly bread dairy free?

Potbelly Sandwiches. A quick glance of the Potbelly menu reveals that both bread options are free of hated lactose, as is nearly everything but the milkshakes and the baked goods.Click to see full answer. People also ask, is Potbelly bread vegan?Potbelly is a restaurant much like Subway or Whichwich that sells mainly subs, but also has side dishes as well to go with your sandwich, such as chili and soups. For starters, all of their sandwich breads are vegan. Also, all of the toppings are vegan as well, except for the mayo and the Tzatziki sauce.Subsequently, question is, is Potbelly unhealthy? While Potbelly makes some seriously delicious sandwiches and dishes, they can be quite unhealthy if you don’t pay attention. But, have no fear. Potbelly makes it super easy to eat healthy and still have a darn good meal. Also Know, what kind of bread does Potbelly have? You can get your sandwiches on Regular or Multigrain bread in Original or BIGS size (order it Thin-Cut too for about 1/3 less bread), or on FLATS.What are potbelly meatballs made of?The ingredients were pepperoni, meatballs, capicola, marinara sauce, provolone cheese, mushrooms, and Italian seasoning.

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