Is prepaid mortgage insurance tax deductible?

The mortgage insurance premium deduction allows you to deduct amounts you paid during the tax year or that applied to the tax year if you prepaid. In 2017, the amount you could deduct was limited if your adjusted gross income exceeded $100,000 (or $50,000 if married filing separately).Click to see full answer. Also asked, can you deduct mortgage insurance 2018?In the new tax bill for 2018, mortgage interest will still be fully deductible in many cases (subject to new restrictions and limits that we’ll get into below). This means that mortgage insurance payments are no longer deductible, beginning with your 2017 return. where do I put mortgage insurance premiums on my taxes? Mortgage insurance premiums are itemized tax deductions. They’re reported on line 13 of Schedule A, “Interest You Paid.” You can’t claim the mortgage insurance premiums deduction if you claim the standard deduction—you must itemize using Schedule A. Subsequently, question is, is upfront mortgage insurance tax deductible? The upfront mortgage insurance premium, or UFMIP, that you paid to the FHA upon closing on a home purchase may be deducted if it meets certain requirements. You can deduct the UFMIP if you opted for the latter method – the out-of-pocket lump sum payment at closing.Is upfront PMI tax deductible 2019?So if you paid $2,000 in upfront PMI premiums on Jan. 1, 2019, you might be able to deduct $286 on your 2019 taxes ($2,000 / 84 x 12). If you paid your January 2020 premium in December 2019, that’s a pre-payment. Paying upfront means you paid a whopping premium at closing.

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