Is Russ coming to South Africa?

JOHANNESBURG – American rapper, songwriter and producer Russ, real name Russell Vitale, is heading to South Africa. Rocking the Daises organizers announced that the rapper would be the second international headlining act set to perform at the event in 2019. “RUSS IS HEADED TO CAPE TOWN!Click to see full answer. In this regard, is Russ touring in 2020?Russ concerts are scheduled through June 2020.Subsequently, question is, can do in the city 2019? In the City: Ellis Park 2019. Join us for Joburg’s hottest inner city festival on Sunday 6 October at Ellis Park. Headlined by The 1975 (UK), alongside Russ (US) and Tash Sultana (US), get ready for the ultimate one-day music experience! Likewise, what songs is Russ performing on tour 2019? Songs played by year: 2019 Song Play Count Goodbye 2 Losin Control 2 Me You 2 Paranoid 2 How long does Russ concert last? two to four hours

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