Is there a movie on the Odyssey?

The Odyssey III Feature film adaptation of Homer’s Odyssey.Click to see full answer. Similarly, what movies are based on the Odyssey?(2000) PG-13 | 107 min | Adventure, Comedy, Crime. Ulysses (1954) Not Rated | 94 min | Adventure, Fantasy, History. The Odyssey (1997) PG-13 | 176 min | Adventure, Drama, Fantasy. Ulysse 31 (1981–1982) Odysseus: Voyage to the Underworld (2008) Odissea (1968– ) Penelopa (2009) Le paradis (2014) what’s the movie The Odyssey about? The story faithfully chronicles the many adventures of sailor Odysseus (Armand Assante), his colorful crew as they encounter a variety of mythical figures, including Odysseus’s spiritual guide Athena (Isabella Rossellini), the seductive Calypso (Vanessa Williams) and the treacherous Eurymachus (Eric Roberts). Simply so, how long is the odyssey movie? There is a definite “Hollywood” flavor to Homer’s classic, but The Odyssey comprises much of the story and, yet, keeps the viewer engaged with visual special effects. Approximately 3 hours in length, this film embodies the main aspects of Homer’s story without getting too detailed.When was the Odyssey movie made? 1997

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