Is this Nurse Appreciation Week?

Celebrate National Nurses Week – May 6-12, 2020 When it comes to saying thanks to your dedicated nurses and nursing staff, don’t skip a beat or miss an opportunity to honor them with heartfelt appreciation gifts!Click to see full answer. Simply so, is it Nurse Appreciation Week? Celebrate National Nurses Week, May 6-12, 2020 Celebrate, recognize, appreciate, and inspire your nursing staff with meaningful, budget-friendly appreciation gifts from Positive Promotions!Subsequently, question is, who is celebrated during Nurses Week? (CNN) Nurses consistently rank at the top of the country’s most trusted professionals. And this week, America celebrates them. National Nurses Week begins on National Nurses Day, May 6, and concludes on May 12, the birthday of Florence Nightingale. Furthermore, what is the Nurses Week theme for 2019? Here are some Nurses Week 2019 resources (posters, social media posts, etc) you can use: American Nurses Association. This 2019, the ANA has chosen the theme “4 Million Reasons to Celebrate”. Check out the resources, free webinars, and giveaways on their website.When did Nurse Appreciation Week begin? National Nurses Day Observances Year Weekday Date 2020 Wed May 6 2021 Thu May 6 2022 Fri May 6 2023 Sat May 6

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