Is UCI safe?Is UCI safe?

Geographic scope: Southern California Click to see full answer. People also ask, is UC Irvine prestigious?UCI is not prestigious despite US News continuing to change their annual formula to skew public perception by increasing its ranking above many other better schools. Globally, only UCB (Cal) and UCLA have name recognition, with UCSD getting an occasional nod. Prestige does not equate excellence.Likewise, why should I attend UCI? Ranked as #9 best public university, UCI provides a quality education! Like all UCs, UCI is a research school meaning there are a lot of opportunities to conduct research with professors. It gives students the chance to work with professors and get hands on experience with what they learn in the classroom. Herein, is UC Irvine a good university? UC Irvine is a top 40 – top 30 in Computer Science – university. Even though it is ranked 8th as a public university, being 39th (in my opinion) does not really make it an “Ivy League”. UC Irvine is a good school. It is not a great school.Which is better UCSB or UCI?UCI has a better reputation for Engineering and ICS. Irvine has a lot more career opportunities available to Computer Science and Engineering majors than UCSB does. You value a social life too, and UCSB definitely has that better social aspects.

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