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Jo-Ann Strauss celebrates her mom ahead of Mother’s Day

Jo-Ann Strauss has taken to her social media to celebrate her mom ahead of Mother’s Day.

Mother’s Day in South Africa is celebrated on the 9th of May.

According to her lengthy writeup, Jo-Ann stated her mother is the strongest woman she has ever known.

She mentioned her mother is battling a diseases and many do not understand but she’s doing fine now.

“This is the strongest woman I have ever known. And I know her inside and out. She has taught me how to live life with courage and compassion. She is brave, she is beautiful and she is battling a disease that many people don’t fully understand. She has been doing so for a while now and as a family, we have finally felt that it was time to share our story.”

Jo-Ann stated that she taught her how to live life with courage and compassion.

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